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20 Tips To Increase Engagement for E-Commerce In 2019

Certainly more business use E-Commerce as principal way to do transactions, specially creating engagement. What used to work before, does not apply for 2019, since customers require more information, before they proceed with their purchase.

In sum, this is 20 tips will help improve customers engage with your E-Commerce.

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course, Google is the biggest search engine and being able to appear on it as a top search spot increases your opportunities to be found. That is why you have to be very specific about your product or service in order for Google to push it.

2. Create product videos. Videos have become the most useful tool to create engagement, especially if they are Live. They are a great way to communicate with your public on the spot.

3. Loyalty Program. Is easy to keep a customer happy, than trying to bring new ones. In order to help them stay, a Loyalty Program is the way to go. Therefore, many stores use the membership approach and each time you do a purchase, the customer receives points, which could be use for additional discount.

Loyalty membership
Loyalty membership are a great way to reward your customers.

4. Augmented Reality. Indeed many products, specially with fashion, customers want to see how they look themself using it like glasses or makeup. Therefore, to an add them on to your site is a big plus. For example Augment which lets customers see them with that item.

5.Blogger Outreach. Having exposure in other blogs, helps out to create buzz about your products or services. Not only can be a web post, but also be an add, creating a powerful impact.

6. Check on Competitors. If your competition is doing something right, you might try it. Also works the other way around, if they are not doing something, you can do it.

Man with binocular.
See what your competition is doing on social media.

7. Keep Website Interesting. Always improving the look of your website is great asset. A great example is Facebook website. It is always changing with small tweaks and in the long run makes it more efficient.

8. Shopping Assistant. In some cases, a customer might have some questions with the purchase and that’s when you can help. This can be done through a decision funnel with Facebook Messenger using SmartEngage.

9. Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section. A great way to let people know about a product is having a part dedicated for FAQ, where customers can help other customers about the item. An example is Amazon and their FAQ Section.

10 more tips…

10. Run Contests. Must people (not to say everyone) like free stuff and a nice way to do it is by running a contest. Products like Gleam can help you set up a good contest and also increase your social media followers.

11. Offer complimentary gifts. Everybody likes a free gift (from the previous tip). In other words you can improve a purchase by offering a complimentary gift. It could be free gift wrap during the holidays or even a sticker. Something extra not expected.

12. Referral marketing. When you need advise you ask a friend for help. If you offer something extra like a discount to bring a friend, you don’t have to spend that much on advertising. An good example could be for a gym membership and with a referral program could bring a friend to try it out for free.

Everybody is happy for referral marketing.
It’s a win – win situation with referral marketing.

13. Create Curated Content. You can create a list of your best items for an special event and target your customers. For example, you could be a list of best items for weddings and divided for bride and groom.

14. Re-targeting & Re-engagement. Sometimes a customer might leave some items on their shopping cart. Instead of losing that sale with Web Push Notification you can remind that customer about the purchase. SmartEngage can help out, by letting them know about cart abandonment, trigger push (create upsell & cross-sell campaigns), browse abandonment and Drip Push Notification Campaign.

Almost finishing…

15. Increase Subscriptions & Sale during Shopping Events. Must people wait for Black Friday to buy their big TV. That is one to use a special day to gain must of your customers. When the big day is approaching, you can start promoting with your sales and might offer to join a mailing list and offer all the tips we have discussed.

Black Friday is an example of Shopping Events.

16. Optimize Conversion Rate. Once a customer enters your website is very important to have everything optimize in order to make it easy and comfortable. It should have the following order:

17. Professional Quality Product Images. Certainly have a great images and clear explanation of the product. In fact, mention the product features, its benefits, and use cases for a better understanding of the product.

18. Reviews & Ratings. Before doing a purchase, customers like to do some research. If they can have the information from other customers reviews and ratings, it brings a peace of mind. Very well done at Amazon.

19. Sell on multi-channels. You can have you business website for e-commerce, but also be at other marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Opening your options can bring more customers.

20. Certainly use automated systems like SmartEngament to contact your followers. Create powerful rules and sequences that follow the triggers and actions you specify across Email, Facebook Messenger Chat Bots, and Web Push Notifications.

SmartEngage features
SmartEngage features

In other words, you need to listen to your customers.

This the most important rule. As a result to listening to your customers, it can help increase your sales and might be a small detail that they want.

Indeed his are great tips to help improve your E-Commerce strategy. They might take some time to develop, but with the right planning and strategy, you can be ahead of your competitors.

If you want to learn more about email marketing, we have a great article about it called 5 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing. And to learn about engaging I share an excellent post called Personalization is the key to improve engagement.

Do you have any other tips? Please tell us at the comment section.

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Written by Mark Nieves


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