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Top 5 New Changes to Facebook Groups that are Coming

When Facebook Groups started was very different from what we currently know. Some might be for fun or others for business. Since then it has been evolving into an excellent tool for business engagement.

Currently many entrepreneurs use Facebook Groups to create closed groups, and offer courses, even mentorship. Since this market has been growing, many users have been requesting ways to create a membership. through Facebook Groups and enabling them to monetize.

Many admins have been requesting changes and during the Facebook Communities Summit at Menlo Park, over 400 community leaders were gatherer to check out some of its newest changes.

Top 5 changes to Facebook Groups

1️⃣ Introducing Subscription Groups for Admins: One of the most requested features has been added. Currently is only a pilot program, but it has been working well with greats results. Subsequently now groups are able to make some money, and helping their communities growth.

Monetizing your Facebook Group with Subscription is possible.

Facebook mentorship program.
An example of how subscription works.

2️⃣ Verification on members performance. Checking on the community behavior is not an easy task, specially if is not the best one. With the new post formatting tools they can inform a member when they violate a rule, filtering by date range in their admin activity log, and searching through membership requests by name.

3️⃣ Mentors are available. For a very long time a mentorship program has been requested and now it has been officially added. In other words, members can connect to a person in the group and seek out their help.

A Look at the Mentor Screen

Facebook mentorship program.
An example of the Mentorship Tool.

4️⃣ Nonprofits can receive donations easier. Last year over $1 billion was donated for nonprofit organizations through Charitable Giving on Facebook. To continue helping out, Instagram is now able to support nonprofits.

Also to be added is a form for people who are interested in donating blood. Just sign up as blood donors and will get notified when blood is needed. It will be launching soon in the US in the next few months.

Facebook fundraising.

5️⃣ Simplifying messaging for Page admins. This time, Page admins will now be able to respond to Instagram Direct Messages from their Facebook Page inbox.

Facebook mentorship.

Facebook is always looking for ways to improve and this changes are a good way to introduce Groups to more people, specially since they can start to monetize them.

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Written by Mark Nieves


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