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Email Algorithm Cracked

Hey there. This is Dan Anton and I’m really excited you checked out how powerful this secret is.

It was a bit of an inception moment for me when I realized that if I could get my prospects and leads to email me first then my emails to them would be seen as a reply as far as the mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. were concerned. 
The BIG question was how to do that though…
At first you may think…That makes ZERO sense! And you’d be right…And yet here we are 


“Thanks to this Mobile Mailer technology we accomplish a bunch of really amazing things”


  ✅ The best thing is that we automatically get White Listed for any emails we send the person who opts in since they technically emailed us first.


✅ In addition to that amazing benefit, we also ensure we obtain the user’s BEST email address and not some disposable one (Remember this is the email they use on their mobile device)


  ✅ Our system is able to read the email the person sends and obtain their REAL First and Last name (since, again, this is what they have been using on their mobile device)


  ✅ We avoid any Typos with this method since the user has nothing to manually enter at all


  ✅ And last, but not least, we get WAY more opt-ins from mobile traffic since it takes just 2 clicks to join the opt-in!

Sounds pretty great right?
Well, that’s exactly how you’re reading this email right now!
And you can do the same thing for yourself by taking advantage of this amazing new technology…

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