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How to begin digital marketing for your business
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How To Begin Digital Marketing For Your Business

With the growth of Social Media, having a digital marketing strategy is a must. It does not matter if your an owner of a small company or huge corporation, these steps will help your business grow.

Our focus is for those who are starting there new enterprise but applies to all stages of any business. You can hire an expert to develop a marketing strategy if you have a budget or a good friend to help you out. If not you can do it yourself.

digital marketing

These are the steps to begin a digital marketing strategy for your business:

Start a website.

web design

Many believe that having a website is not necessary, and just having a Facebook page can work out. On the contrary, having a presence on the web is a must have for all companies creating authority on your digital marketing campaign.

Using your website, you can inform directly to your customers about your products and services. Furthermore, it improves the chance of people finding you through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at Google, Yahoo Bing or any other search engine.

Recently Facebook and Instagram went down for a couple of hours, affecting many businesses since they are only in one platform. For that reason, you should have your own place, where you can do whatever you want and not be affected if they are down.

If you want to begin your own website a fantastic place to start is with Wix, where they have many offers for different budgets and even a free option. Also, they provide a significant amount of templates for you to choose from. In other words, you don’t have any excuses not to have your own website.

Create a business profile on Social Media Platforms.

Social media.

These days it is essential to have a presence on them. With billions of register users, making it a place to be. These are the most popular social media platforms:


The King of Social Media with more than 2 billion users, it gives many useful tools for a business like Facebook Live and Messenger, allowing you to engage directly with your followers.

To learn more about Facebook for your business, I recommend to read the following:


Allows you to contact with your followers using less than 140 characters. In other words, it goes straight to the point. Plus have a focus on the use of hashtags on posts, enabling you to go to a conversation or share one.


digital marketing

Primary based on the usage of picture and videos it has become the place for a younger demographic. Currently, Instagram is making many positive changes like Checkout, allowing users to purchase straight from the platforms. Also, is the place where influencers are born.


Used mainly as a professional network, allows you to contact others on your same field. An excellent place for B2B.


A platform focused on sharing images associated with a project, goods, and services. Here you can share projects especially infographics, which has become a fantastic way to communicate.


In addition to being the number 2 global website, behind Google (which belongs to them) are a place watch and upload videos. Many don’t consider it a social network, but it has been adding many features similar to those like Stories.

Through this platform, you can reach millions of users worldwide and even make some profit. For more information about recording video, I suggest reading Best Equipment for Streaming Live.

Each social media has its strengths and weaknesses, and you can start on all of them, then decide which one is the best for your business.

Start an email marketing campaign.

Many consider using email being old fashion, but it is still one of the best ways to engage with your subscribers. As soon as you start selling, ask your customers for their emails address and be grateful for their purchase.

Use an automated marketing service.

automated marketing service

Once you have done all the previous steps, use a digital marketing service. In fact, with this service, you can synchronize your platforms in one, and the best option is SmartEngage, the only software that allows you to communicate with your followers through their Email, Facebook Messenger and Push Notification.

They offer a 14-DAYS FREE TRIAL and also have a free account. In other words, you have nothing to lose.

For more information about SmartEngage, this video explains how it works.

There are more details on this journey, especially if you are starting with digital marketing. For more information, I recommend reading the following links:

Digital marketing.


These are some of the best tips to promote your business. You can start using these or later on develop your own.

Do you have any other tips?
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Written by Mark Nieves

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