Your Subscribers

Permission is Required

  • When having subscribers subscribe you must ensure that they know you will be communicating with them using one of the supported contact methods. You should also let them know how frequently they can expect to receive this communication. By having this information up front and easy for your subscribers to understand you can ensure lower bounce, unsubscribes, and complaint rates.

Importing Your Existing Subscribers

  • You are able to import your existing subscribers without requiring an additional opt-in process by our service. Any subscriber you import should have already opted in to receive your emails, Facebook messages, or push notifications. Importing subscribers who have not directly requested communication from you in the past (using your own opt-in process) cannot be imported.

Using Subscribers Collected Offline

  • You must have direct permission of every subscriber in your list to send them communication. This includes emails that you would obtain offline. If you ask people to subscribe offline (such as on a piece of paper) you must be able to provide documented proof of the subscribers giving you permission to email them. Please note that simply getting someone's business card is not an acceptable opt-in and you cannot import or send to emails that you have obtained from business cards.

Paid Lists

We do not allow the use of any lists that are paid, rented, or borrowed in any way. If you did not receive explicit permission to send emails to a subscriber you cannot use SmartEngage for that purpose

Your Email Content

Forbidden Types of Content

There are some content types that we do not allow within our platform. The list includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Pornography
  • Sexually Explicit Emails
  • Illegal Goods or Services
  • Gambling
  • Pharmaceutical Related products
  • MLM (pyramid) marketing
  • Forex
  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Internet Loans
  • Male Enhancement Products

  • Escort & Dating Services

Any content that falls within one of the above categories cannot be sent using our service. There are absolutely zero exceptions allowed. This is to allow us to maintain the highest level of email deliverability possible. 

Unsubscribe Link

  • Every email sent via SmartEngage comes with an unsubscribe link by default. You must not alter this link in any way. All emails sent via SmartEngage must include this unsubscribe link in order to comply with our terms and conditions in accordance with email sending laws. 

  • For Facebook Messenger messages, we have provided a proprietary system which provides an Unsubscribe link in some cases as it relates to the Subscription and Promotional types of messages supported by the Facebook Messenger Platform. It is not mandatory to include an unsubscribe link in every message sent, however, you must always ensure your subscribers have a way to unsubscribe via common phrases such as "Stop", or "Unsubscribe". These are provided as default configurations under the SmartEngage system.

Physical Address

  • You must have a legitimate physical address with every email sent (included in the default footer). We configure this address during your Brand Avatar setup. It is your responsibility to ensure that this address is accurate. It will automatically be placed within the footer of all emails sent via SmartEngage.

Your Sending Quality

High Bounce Rate

  • If you receive a high bounce rate for your sent emails that is a sign of a poor list. This is the result of not having direct permission to send to your subscribers or the process in which you obtained these emails is not compliant with our terms of service. Accounts with high bounce rates may be put under review and/or terminated. Our internal system of email cleaning does an amazing job of reducing this issue, but it is your responsibility to ensure the emails you send are going to correct addresses and recipients. 

High Complaint Rate

  • We maintain relationships with all the major ISP's to ensure the highest email deliverability possible. Accounts that have a high complaint rate are subject to review and/or account termination.

  • As it relates to Facebook Messenger, it is your responsibility to ensure your subscribers want to receive your messages. A high complaint rate will not be tolerated and will result in account termination. 

High Unsubscribe Rate

  • We maintain this metric and if we see an unusually high number of unsubscribes your account may be placed under review. This is because a high number of un-subscriptions is a sign of that the subscribers you are contacting have no interest in hearing from you and your account is at risk for a high complaint rate.