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Why is Facebook focusing on ‘time well spent’?

A recent study has correlated too much technology with attention and behavioral problems in young people. Facebook has recently been focusing on “time well spent” which was an initiative to combat the eroding of our society from too much technology. This seems counter intuitive as Facebook earns more money from our added usage of their platform. This calls into question their motives behind this initiative. Some think it is just a ploy to ease the recent backlash and negative press.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a Duke University study, heavy technology use can contribute to attention and behavioral problems in children and teens.
  • The ?Time Well Spent? movement is meant to highlight the idea that our overuse of technology creates an unhealthy dependence that is contributing to the degradation of our relationships and society.
  • Recently, Facebook has launched a tool that notifies the user when they?ve been using the app for a specific amount of time.

“Here?s more on ?Time Well Spent? and how it?s affecting both users and the tech industry.”

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