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Publish an Unpublished Post on Facebook: How to

There are many ways to save a thought on Facebook. If you think of something and want to make it your status, then you can post it. However, you can post it in a way that is unpublished if you do not want it to be seen by many individuals that are on your feed. Depending on what you want to do, you can choose the audience that looks at your stuff. If you save the post, you can always re-post it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advertisers are actively using the unpublished post feature of Facebook. Sometimes this is intentional and other times due to Facebook’s functionality.
  • There are several ways an advertiser can use an unpublished post. They could be used for creative testing of ads or for canvas ads.
  • By letting several posts run together, an advertiser can be testing for the best performer and then use that on the desired page.

“A published post means that the post appears on the Facebook page associated with the post. An unpublished post never appears on the Facebook page, and instead only on News Feed (or other placements as applicable). These are often used as advertised (also referred to as sponsored) posts only. However, both published and unpublished posts can be either sponsored or organic.”

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