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Are Instagram users included in Facebook Saved Audiences?

There are plenty of Instagram users who do not realize that Instagram is actually owned by Facebook. That is a crazy thing to think about. The amount of people that use both of these platforms means that Facebook has one of the world’s largest populations strictly due to user sign ups. Some people find that to be scary. There are plenty of reasons as to why Instagram users could, and should, be included in the saved audiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook business users that wish to create a Saved Audience should navigate to the Audiences feature, using the Assets section of Business Manager.
  • You can also get to the Assets section by way of Ads Manager, if you don’t have Business Manager.
  • Once inside the Audiences section, click on the Create Audiences button first, then follow by clicking on the Saved Audiences.

“By using the Saved Audience tool, you can save time and ensure consistency in your advertising. You can also gain insight into the make-up of a particular target group.”

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