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To Give Your Marketing Meaning, Start With Your Mission

In order to create a truly important and loved marketing campaign, it is clear that your mission needs to stem from inspiration and the desire to create something that is larger than yourself and that will last longer than yourself. Your mission will help your employees to connect to the product or service that you are selling, because it will provide inspiration to do something greater than themselves. Creating a mission statement that is important and clear will go a long way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Metric data that tells how many people we can reach and convert doesn’t allow for the customer’s heart, which must be touched.
  • When a company has a clear mission it can translate that into a succinct and memorable logos and ad lines that people get and remember.
  • Good examples of great taglines, based on mission, are Nike’s “Just do it,” and Apple’s “Think different.”

“The greatest marketing campaigns are the ones that connect with us, inspire action and leave a lasting impact.”

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