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Is the car the next big marketing frontier?

The increasing integration of network connectivity into new cars has given automakers access to vastly more information about their customers than they ever had in the past. All of this data has ample potential for marketing applications, and may be worth as much as $750 Billion. GM and Hyundai have both developed programs that analyze customer driving habits and use it to market things like gas stations and insurance. The sensors integrated into new cars allow for a highly dynamic and precise form of location-based marketing towards customers who are likely to be unusually suggestible and unlikely to see other forms of advertising.

Key Takeaways:

  • New revenue streams along with lots of information on vehicles and vehicle owners are now available to car manufacturers due to the built-in connectivity of their cars.
  • Some car manufacturers like GM and Hyundai are already rolling out programs that make use of that massive data.
  • These billions of data are location-based and with time automakers will know a lot about a driver and where he is going before he starts the ignition.

“It has been said that data is the lifeblood of digital advertising and if that?s true, there could soon be a lot of life in the market for marketing to consumers through their vehicles.”

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