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How to Choose a Professional Email Address [+ Examples]

As you enter the adult world, you begin to realize how important email is. It is a way to converse with colleagues in a very professional manner. It is a way to present yourself in a professional way and gives you, in some cases, instant credibility in some offices. For this very reason, people are putting a lot of thought into how they do their emails. Presentation is so important in the modern world and email epitomizes that.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making sure that you promote yourself in the best possible way over an email is very important.
  • In your adult life, and work life, sending good emails is something that you need to be good at.
  • You want to leave a good first impression on anyone that you are corresponding with over the web.

“Fortunately, though, a professional email address isn’t limited to just your first and last name. There are plenty of ways you can choose one that any recruiter or hiring manager would consider professional.”

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