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Instagram’s New TV Feature: A Good Idea for Brands?

Look out, YouTube. Instagram has added a new TV feature to their popular social networking platform. Their new video feature accommodates long-form video standards with brands having the ability to post videos that are up to an entire hour in length. Currently, there are 4 major brands that are utilizing this new feature to its top capacity. The brands are Spotify, Vistaprint, Airbnb, and Vox Media. These brands are exposed to millions of Instagram users each day.

Key Takeaways:

  • IGTV is Instagram’s newest platform, specifically for long videos, up to an hour in length.
  • The site’s creators are hoping the feature creates a more surf-friendly feeling that encourages more users to linger longer.
  • Spotify has already joined the GTV bandwagon, creating video content that spotlights the people behind the music.

“Instagram is taking on media giant YouTube with the latest addition to their social media platform: IGTV. The Facebook-owned company is looking for a way to expand its offerings, reach new customers, and increase usage on their app — even if it means borrowing from another platform?s users.”

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