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How weather-based bidding can help travel brands increase bookings

The travel industry is a great example of customer demand being highly sensitive to real-time changes in weather, and you can boost your conversion rate and your profits by making your site more responsive to weather. Thomas Cook, for example, found that searches for Mallorca vacations fluctuated by as much as 14 percent based on the weather, with cold and wet weather increasing customer interest and good weather dampening it. Generally, markets for international travel go down when the weather gets warmer, while interest in domestic holidays goes up when the weather is warmer.

Key Takeaways:

  • The weather can have a significant impact on purchasing decisions in the travel sector.
  • You can maximize profitability by reacting in real time to fluctuations in supply and demand.
  • The best way to organize weather based bidding is to analyze how the weather affects your adverts, then use this information to alter bid changes in order to improve performance.

“This article is going to show some real life examples of the effect of temperature and weather conditions on purchasing decisions as well as explaining how you can setup weather based bidding and calculate the correct bid changes to maximise profitability.”

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