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Why is Facebook focusing on ‘time well spent’?

Facebook is trying to shift its focuses a little bit as the demographic they are trying to target is changing. Facebook has fallen off a bit from its previous high point back in 2010. At this point, Facebook was the only thing that was relevant to man. Now, with Facebook having acquired Instagram, they are absolutely chilling at the top. Their place near the top is set in stone and they do not look to be moving anywhere.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evidence is growing that heavy technology use has a damaging effect on mental health.
  • Because it is believed that technology is eroding key pillars of our society, a former Google employee started the ?Time Well Spent? movement.
  • Tech companies have started to provide users of smart phones with information on time they spend on apps.

“In theory, this means users will be given actionable guidance on how to use apps mindfully, rather than just shallow data that breaks down time in app. Other parts of Android P are designed to make switching off even easier, such as the ?Shush? and ?Wind down? features.”

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