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A review of Sweaty Betty’s new mobile-optimised site

Sweaty Betty appeared on the horizon at the cusp between the nineties and the millennium. At the time, athletic wear for women was not the seller it is today. Today Athleisure is a big market. Sweaty Betty has kept the sails open and the marketing ship afloat this entire time, filling customer orders and creating an online presence. Today, mobile is the way to go. So, SB has re-tooled their website to give mobile users the edge they need. SB has responded to data that shows that more than 50% of users make use of a mobile unit or a tablet to shop by making their search feature much quicker and more responsive. The videos and pics are prominent and visuals are more varied and impactful than ever. The sites tie in with social media sites is on target to. The site also has incorporated a ‘lookbook’ to give styles a context for browsers. There’s also lots of guidelines, a wishlist and a storefinder.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sweaty Betty appeared in the very late 1990s, right before the millennium, when women’s athletic wear was a very niche focus.
  • SB data has informed the site that as many as 60% of users make use of a mobile device or tablet when shopping.
  • Knowing this, SB has made their site’s search feature much quicker and far more responsive.

“Here?s a review of Sweaty Betty?s new site (specifically from a mobile perspective), focusing on key areas of change.”

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