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Do You Need Local Pages? – Whiteboard Friday

In hindsight, those people who do not get local advertising pages always tend to regret. The reason they regret it is because a business should strive to get the local consumers in through their door on a consistent basis without worrying about growing too big. In other terms, a business should take baby steps and start with the people in the close vicinity of their business. If they do not, then word does not get around to the locals.

Key Takeaways:

  • You will need to know or discover your transactional terms and create a couple of variants for you localized searches.
  • You will want to gather volume data as regards implicit, explicit and near me categories.
  • Think of implicit terms as being somewhat generalizes, whereas explicit are quite detailed.

“Regardless of whether you own or market a local business, it may make sense to compete for space in the organic SERPs using local pages.”

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