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11 Facebook Ad Objectives to Choose from in 2018

As you are looking to launch a product, or looking to sell something, on a website, you must consider advertising. For a very long time, Facebook was at the forefront of everything that had to do with ads and people were really using the platform to get their word out. Now, they are still using Facebook but the social media site has made it even more accessible for the average seller in today’s day and age.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Facebook Ads Manager, your marketing objectives should be what you want people to do after seeing your ads.
  • There are about eleven (11) rare ad objectives on Facebook and some are brand awareness, traffic and engagement.
  • The eleven objectives are categorized into three phases: awareness, consideration and conversion.

“Thinking of advertising on Facebook? Facebook remains to be the best platform to satisfy your marketing funnel goals. It?s hard to ignore the opportunity you gain when you can tap into their massive user base of 1.32 billion (daily).”

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