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SmartEngage Knowledge Base

Unlock the wisdom of Smart Engage through our Knowledge Base. Access a wealth of information, tutorials, and resources to master Smart Engage's capabilities and enhance your marketing prowess.

SmartEngage Training Videos

Empower your team to harness the incredible capabilities of SmartEngage with our comprehensive agency training program. Whether you're an experienced digital agency or just starting your journey, our training is designed to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Getting Started

Jumpstart your SmartEngage journey with ease. Begin by Signing Up, then craft your unique Brand Avatar, and finally, explore the Dashboard Overview. Your path to successful engagement starts here.


Empower your engagement strategy with SmartEngage Subscribers. Efficiently manage tags, create custom tags, and harness the power of custom fields to optimize your subscriber data for targeted and impactful campaigns.

Lead Magnet

This area cover information on how you can get your list/subscriber for your avatar/business

Content Templates

Simplify content management for your list subscribers with SmartEngage's Content Templates. Create, organize, and deliver engaging content effortlessly, ensuring a seamless and impactful subscriber experience.

Using Broadcasts

Elevate your engagement game with SmartEngage Broadcast. Reach your list through versatile channels like email, SMS, Facebook, and push notifications, ensuring a multi-faceted approach to audience engagement and interaction.

Using Automations

Experience unparalleled automation with SmartEngage. Effortlessly schedule email sends, SMS, Facebook broadcasts, and push notifications to engage your list, streamlining your communication and maximizing impact.


Setting Up Conversions

Effortlessly optimize your campaigns with SmartEngage's Conversion Setup. Utilize the insights and knowledge you've gained to configure and track conversions effectively, ensuring your marketing efforts yield measurable results.

Live Demos

Experience SmartEngage in action with our Live Demos. Witness the power of real-time engagement, interactive features, and discover how SmartEngage can transform your marketing strategies.

Adding DNS Records for SPF & DKIM

Enhance email security and deliverability by adding DNS records for SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail). SPF specifies authorized email servers, while DKIM provides email authentication. These records help validate your emails a...

SMS Text Messaging

Elevate your communication with SMS text messaging powered by Smart Engage. Seamlessly engage with your audience through personalized and effective SMS campaigns, driving better customer interaction and engagement.


Unlock the full potential of Smart Engage with our robust API integrations. Seamlessly connect and automate your systems, enhancing efficiency and enabling tailored customer experiences like never before.

Billing Management

Streamline your billing management within Smart Engage for a user-friendly experience. Easily manage subscriptions, payments, and finances, putting you in control of your account with ease.


Get answers to your questions quickly with our FAQ section. Explore common queries and find solutions effortlessly, ensuring a smooth experience with Smart Engage.

Agency Training Videos

In this immersive program, you'll gain in-depth insights into SmartEngage's cutting-edge tools and strategies, equipping you with the expertise to create highly effective campaigns, boost engagement, and drive remarkable results for your clients.

Day 1, Part A: Signing Up

Getting Started

In this article we will cover the sign up process from start to finish. Step 1: This is the first screen you will see after selecting to sign up. Please input a valid email address and a secure password. Click Continue Step 2: SmartEngage will inform you...

Day 1, Part B: Creating Your Brand Avatar

Getting Started

Step 1: Enter the Brand (business) name as well as the main URL for the website. The sub domain is automatically created based on your entered Brand Name. Then, click Next. Step 2: This step requires you to enter the email address and name you will be us...

Day 1, Part C: Dashboard Overview

Getting Started

Subscriber Page Overview Video


Understanding Tags


SmartEngage uses two types of tags. 1. User Tags - These start with a hashtag # and are assigned by you or during some sort of automation or Lead Magnet acquisition. Subscribers can have multiple tags assigned to them in order to help you stay organized.  ...

Understanding Custom Fields


Custom Fields allow you to store valuable information about your subscribers. For example, within our Facebook Messenger chatbot you ask the subscriber's type of business, receive a reply, and store it as a custom field for "Business Type".  In order to creat...

Using Filters


Filters allow for setting conditions for which will then display the subscribers based on your selections. The timeframe filter is the first one to take note of.  The default option is Lifetime, which will show all of your subscribers, but you are welcome ...

Using Bulk Actions (Tags, Calculating LTV, Exporting, etc)


Bulk Actions are a great way run tasks for your Subscribers. Have a certain #tag or automation sequence you want to bulk assign? This is where you do that. Step 1: Visit your Subscriber's page Step 2: Now that you are on your Subscriber's page go ahead and...

action tags
export subscribers

Adding a New Subscriber Manually


Adding a new subscriber is the process of manually adding contact details for a person with an email address.  Step 1: Visit your Subscribers page  Step 2: Click the button at the top for "New Subscriber"  Step 3: On the popup screen you will be able to e...

Importing Emails


Importing Email Subscribers is done as follows. *NOTE: If you already know you have Custom Fields you want to import from a previous Email Service Provider please first Add Custom fields by following the instructions provided here: Understanding Tags Step 1:...

Importing Facebook Messenger Users from another platform


Step 1: Setup your SmartEngage avatar and ensure your Facebook page is connected (Automatic process during avatar creation) Step 2: Log into your old Facebook Messenger software and prepare to send out a broadcast newsletter that asks a question and/or provid...

Importing Push Notification Subscribers


Importing Push Notification Subscribers is done as follows. Step 1: On your left navigation menu click on Subscribers. Step 2: At the top middle area of your screen click the button for "Import Subscribers"  Step 3: Select Push Notification as the platf...

Blacklist (Suppression List)


The blacklist is a list of email addresses that are prevented from receiving broadcasts and automation emails from you. In order to add or remove emails from this list just follow the instructions below.  Step 1: Click on your avatar and then click on "Manag...

Linking Subscribers Across Platforms


A big part of what SmartEngage is great at is attributing different platforms to one specific Subscriber. This is done using a variety of methods which include cookie tracking, URL tracking, Javascript, IP tracking, and some other proprietary methods. We al...

What Happens if My # of Subscribers Exceeds My Account Plan?


In order to provide a streamlined user experience SmartEngage will always automatically upgrade your account so that you can be within your plan limits. If your account's # of Subscribers were to exceed its limits by one or more of the following: - Lead Magn...

Lead Magnet Page Overview Video

Lead Magnet

This video will give you insight on how Lead Magnet Page works. Let's check it below :

Opt-In Forms for Email

Lead Magnet

Creating Lead Magnets as it pertains to email along with instructions for html form integration Overlay Forms Bar, Modal, Slide-In, Page Takeover Embeddable Forms Button & Box HTML Form This is primarily used for integrating with 3rd party services...

Opt-In Forms For Facebook Messenger

Lead Magnet

It is advisable to first watch the videos for Email Opt-In Forms due to the overlap in how these are setup. Visit Email Lead Magnet Page --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overlay F...

Opt-In Forms for Push Notifications

Lead Magnet

This feature is great for maximizing engagement and creating a viral effect on your Facebook Posts. When enabled, we are able to automatically message anyone who leaves a comment on your Facebook Page post. Once that person replies to your message they will au...

Using Mobile Mailer Feature

Lead Magnet

Statistics show that up to a third of all manually entered Opt in forms result in a fake or secondary email address being used. It is typically a throw away email address that is almost never checked other than receiving confirmations. So what can be done? W...