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Three Ways to Restrict Your Facebook Audience

While most Facebook marketing assumes you want to maximize your audience, there may be a few specific situations in which you?re better off limiting your audience instead. You can use your Business Manager account settings to limit the visibility of your entire page by either country or age. Be careful, though, because doing either can cause people who have already liked your page to automatically stop following it! You can also set individual post settings with ?Audience Optimization for Posts? or change the settings on your Facebook Lead Forms to restrict the audience for those.

Key Takeaways:

  • It can be appropriate, or even necessary, to ensure that certain age groups don’t view your posts, such as minors, or those from specific countries.
  • If you use FB business manager, you will need to access your account and click on settings and access the general tab and the page level.
  • From that point you can set minimum age restrictions and also set countries where the page is visible, or conversely set regions where the content remains hidden.

“There is a need to sometimes limit the audience of people who see your Facebook posts (or page!).”

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