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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Jobs

Every marketing job is basically about drawing positive attention to a company and its products or services. A bachelor?s degree in marketing, business, psychology, journalism or other fields is the basic entry-level credential. Getting an internship or co-op is even more important, as it will give you your first real-world marketing experience and contacts. Important personality traits include curiosity and creativity, as well as a passion for the quantitative side of the marketing business. The marketing job market is vigorous, and is expected to only grow.

Key Takeaways:

  • In today’s world, people who are able to market effectively are so helpful.
  • The more people there are marketing one particular thing, the more traffic they will be able to generate.
  • Social media has completely changed the landscape of the world and how people get their word out there.

“Marketing is a seemingly simple concept on the surface, but it becomes more complex as you break it down.”

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