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Is the car the next big marketing frontier?

As people try to gain every edge that they possibly can in the world today, it is important to note that marketing is a large factor in this. When someone is marketing something, they are trying to bring attention to a particular product that they are looking to sell. It is difficult for somebody to sell something without first letting people know that it exists. Now, the landscape is changing again as people look to use cars as a marketing tool.

Key Takeaways:

  • The market for marketing to consumers through their vehicles has a lot of data with great potential.
  • In a little over a decade, the possibility of monetizing the data coming from drivers by automakers could be worth $750 billion.
  • Automakers could derive much more benefit from the fact that a lot of the data coming from drivers is location-based.

“Hyundai plans to launch a program that will help drivers get discounts from insurance companies based on their driving data. A driver who drives few miles or exhibits safe driving patterns, for instance, could be directed to an insurer willing to provide a lower rate.”

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