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How weather-based bidding can help travel brands increase bookings

Travel websites often function and bet on the fact that people will most often travel during busy holiday seasons, long weekends, and other major events that cause people to travel back and forth. One area that many travel sites can take advantage of, however, is by using weather-based bidding as a means of increasing the number of bookings they receive, leveraging the potential of weather conditions to improve their chances of certain customers purchasing tickets or hotel bookings from their site.

Key Takeaways:

  • Responding in real time to shifts in both supply and demand can have a big impact on travel business revenues.
  • For example, Butlins put into effect a weather-based bidding system and saw a notable rise in conversion rates, specifically 7%.
  • Butlin also saw a dramatic surge in their click-through rate, which rose by 28%.

“The effect of weather on purchasing decisions can be significant, especially in the travel sector, where travel companies see sales for overseas holidays soar when the weather here in the UK is poor.”

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