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How to think strategically about email personalisation

When trying to look professional, you need to go the extra mile sometimes. In fact, that would include making things like your email all the more personalized. It is important to have that within your brand profile as that is something that will distinguish you from others. In accordance to many, a person who is good with their emails is someone who is diligent and thinks outside of the box. Overall, be smarter than the next guy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a personalized email is something that shows you are serious about yourself.
  • You want to be treated like a professional from a young age as it is respect.
  • Being able to think differently than others will set you apart in the long run.

“Lapsed shoppers who have regularly bought from you but haven?t done so for a while. Reactive them by letting them know that you miss them and reminding them why they love your brand”

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