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Amazon is courting advertisers with video ads, external links

In today’s world, with social media and all the digital marketing going on, companies are trying to woe the best advertisers in a number of creative ways. With Amazon being one of the largest and most powerful companies at the moment, they are trying to get ahead of everyone in that they want to promote their content more than anyone else. The use of external links and video ads for Amazon are a constant for them and they won’t stop.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon has looked over every stone in terms of business materials and ideas.
  • Marketers have a huge role in business today with all of the digital platforms out there now.
  • Marketing is very important and being a good advertiser pays well in today’s world.

“Video in Search ads can be linked to product detail pages or custom landing pages. Both, of course, are hosted on Amazon, which highlights one of the unique characteristics of Amazon’s booming ad business: its ads are in many cases arguably the digital equivalent of the slotting fee.”

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