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5 Reasons To Use Video On Social Media

Video has become an excellent tool for Social Media especially to create engagement with your followers. To be able to communicate directly is a unique opportunity you have, especially since you don’t have to spend too much at it. Even use your cellphone to create a video.

Not only Facebook has Live broadcast, but other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to engage with your followers. You should use the program that defines your audience.

Facebook Live with reactions.
Facebook Live is available to Pages, and Groups.

With this post, we want to share 5 reasons to use video on social media in no particular order.

1. Engage directly with your followers.

With the rise of Live Video, it has created a bridge between user and follower. Since its happening on that instance, the user may inform their subscribers what is happening and at the same time might receive feedback at that moment. Afterward, the video stays on the page, able to reach people who were not at the broadcast, make in it a perfect instrument for engagement.

2. Humanize your brand.

When you see a person behind a brand, it brings comfort to those around it. Another reason is they give a purpose to the company. Some great examples of businessmen who became the face of a company are Steve Jobs from Apple and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook.

Woman doing a video with camera and shotgun microphone.
Showing your face humanizes your brand.

3. Show something new.

A great to show off a new product or service is through a video, demonstrating how it can solve a problem. A master at this is Apple showing off their latest products called Keynotes, with a rock concert atmosphere, they bring joy to the fans.

4. Beat the Social Media algorithm.

Facebook loves that you use Live to engage with your community so much that it gives a boost. That is another big reason to use Live. Also, the regular video has more engagement than just a picture post.

5. Know what your subscribers want.

Since engagement has grown, you are able to talk to your subscribers and let them know what is happening within the organization. Also, you can ask them how to improve service, making it a conversation. Afterward, you can report on the changes and let them know about improvements made and let them know it was done with them on the mind.

Bonus: Equipment.

After working with video has become a must, it is recommended to invest in them. In other words, spend by getting a microphone, tripod, and lights. Also, consider using video editing software or streaming tools like OBS (which is FREE). They should make your content look amazing.

Facebook Live on a tripod.
Tripod is an great tool to make your videos look professional.

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Written by Mark Nieves

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