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5 Tips to Increase your Social Media Engagement

As more users are creating content, your information might become irrelevant. For that reason, you have to look for ways to engage with your followers. We share a couple of tips to help increase your Social Media Engagement

Five tips to increase your Social Media Engagement

1. Have available your Social Media links on the website.

I have seen many gorgeous websites without links to their Social Media Networks. Sometimes, they are in a corner with a small font. For instance, use icons and a good font for users to find them.

2. Provide ways to share your content.

Indeed, we might have the perfect content available for our viewers. Sometimes, the website doesn’t have an easy way to make shareable the content. With this in mind, explain how to share the content. For example, use short instructions like Click here to share.

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3. Allow comments.

Allowing your followers to comment will enable them to engage with you and the community. Sometimes we forget this option on our webpage and social media. You might think is not a good idea, because of spam. Just remember there are set up tools and add ons to help you be protected.

4. Select the correct information.

You wrote an excellent post about ways to save money on your car insurance. Although your business is about baking cookies, even though it is a great article, you might not reach the target audience. Trying to find the correct information is the way to create engagement. Also, use good images related to the data.

5. Use Facebook Chatbots.

In the last years, more business using Facebook Chatbots, becoming an excellent way to engage with your audience. With SmartEngage you will be able to construct the perfect interface for your users. Over 80% open rate with Messenger and is the best place to start a conversation.

As a result, bots give you that “human touch” that allows you to make the transition from Messenger into Email and Push Notifications. Ultimately, more sales. Regarding, Facebook Chatbots we share a great article called The Ugliest Truth About Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

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In fact, over 80% open rate with Messenger and is the best place to start a conversation.

Follow these tips and it will help improve your Social Media engagement. For more information regarding SmartEngage and its features, CLICK HERE.

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Written by Mark Nieves

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