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5 Tips to Grow Your Business Through Facebook

Facebook is the King regarding Social Media, as the third website worldwide. Even though many consider YouTube (second place behind a Social Media platform, others view them as a search engine. That’s another debate for another time.

With this in mind, all business should be with Facebook, as a way to reach your customers and potential ones. Specifically all the tools available to use.


Indeed being on Facebook is a must, but how can you take advantage. With this in mind, I wrote a list of 5 tips to grow your business.

As a result, this is our list…

1. Simultaneously use diverse campaigns for different groups.

Previously we created one ad or boost to a post in order to be view by more people. As a result we were able to reach more followers, but we might be leaving out another potential audience.

With this in mind, Facebook has been able to create new tools to continue growing your business. To illustrate we include a chart showing how to reach you audience.

Facebook audience
A view on the different audience that can be targeted.

For example you have an new product with a lot of potential. With this in mind you can now targeting people who follow you or who like similar products. Once your target is created, you can start a marketing campaign.

2. Fine-tune your messaging.

Since more business use Chatbots, most times they are not designed to be engaging. Due to the lack of design they become a problem and the user can no use them properly.

In other words, you need SmartEngage, the First and Only Cross-Channel Autoresponder. Indeed it that will automatically link a customer’s email with their Facebook Messenger and their push notifications.

Sales funnel
Typical sales funnel.

As a matter of fact, we recommend you a great article about Facebook Chatbots. Just CLICK HERE to learn more about them.

3. Certainly aim social media users.

Target social media.
Social Media Users are great targets for your business.

Since must marketing strategies are directed towards people who have visited your website, you should consider promoting inside Facebook. In fact most people use Google during the consideration stage before making a purchase.

With this in mind, others use Facebook for confirmation before reaching a decision. Therefore, this users need information, making them the perfect target.

4. Use the Facebook pixel.

As a result of you investment in advertising, you need to analyze the data and check how the return of invest was. Therefore to help out, they have created Facebook Pixel, a small code that enable to measure your website traffic.

To illustrate how it works, check out the chart.

How Facebook Pixel works.
How Facebook Pixel works.

5. Look for similar audiences.

Your targeted audience have become great customers, since you been using our previous tips. Therefore, now is time to keep growing and look for similar audience.

As a result Facebook knows your intentions, grow your business. To make it easy, they created a tool called “Create Lookalike Audience”. Consequently you can reach potential leads.

Lookalike audience tool
A screenshot at the lookalike audience tool.

It’s time to work…

Hope this tips can help you out on growing your business. Of course it will take time to achieve, but it will be worth it.

Regarding business practices, we recommend you our post called “20 Tips To Increase Engagement for E-Commerce”

Do you have any other tips?
Please tell us at the comment section.

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Written by Mark Nieves

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