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Facebook Attribution Tool: The Ultimate Introduction
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Facebook Attribution Tool: The Ultimate Introduction

Facebook has a new attribution tool designed to give advertisers a more comprehensive guide to how a customer behaves on the popular social networking site. The tool is segmented into four distinct parts: performance of the ad, customized reports, cross device, and settings. The latter category has its own segments as well: a diagnostic page, data sources, domain referrals, and advertising platforms. This is just the beginning of the advantanges of the new tool. Future blog posts will discuss other features.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is so much to do and use on the social media giant that is Facebook.
  • Understanding how to use the new attribution tool on Facebook can be excellent for your marketing needs.
  • Learning how to leverage social media to your advantage is so important for the potential growth of your site.

“Bottom line? There’s a lot to discuss here. There’s a lot that can’t be put into this single post. And, quite frankly, I’m just discovering everything that can be done with it, too.”

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