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2413 seo leads in 30 days on autopilot using smartengage
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2,413 SEO Leads in 30 Days on Autopilot

2413 seo leads in 30 days on autopilot using smartengage

How does it work? I’ll get to that in a minute…

So we all know that leads are the lifeblood to any business.

There are 3 ways to make more money in business:

  1. Increase your # of customers
  2. Increase the frequency which existing customers buy from you
  3. Increase the average order value per customer

For the purpose of this post we are focusing on item #1, which typically tends to be the biggest sticking point for many new businesses, specifically digital marketing agencies.

Time and time again the question of “how do I get more clients?” pops up in Facebook groups, forums, masterminds, and live events. In the age of automation and bots we now have a way to create an SEO lead funnel that brings potential clients into your world better than anything else available.

So how did this Digital Marketing Agency bring in 2,413 SEO Leads in just 30 days without lifting a finger?

We used Facebook Messenger chatbots that tie directly into a cross-channel follow up sequence in order to filter, segment, and tag users based on specific interests and needs.

So what are we doing to generate so much interest?

By Offering a Free Website Audit Report directly within Facebook Messenger.

And the best part?

It’s completely automated.

Step 1 starts with a simple Facebook Messenger Ad which captures attention, gathers information, and creates a Subscriber within the Facebook Messenger platform. For more information on how to create this ad visit Facebook Keyword Trigger Ad Post

An actual demo of the Website Audit Bot in action

Step 2 is where the lead receives the email with their free report, thereby delivering on the promise we said we would fulfill. The report is automatically generated and provides an in-depth analysis of their website which we can then use as a talking point in what areas to improve.

Inside of this email you can see that within the SUBJECT, SmartEngage is able to automatically insert the lead’s name for personalization as well as the website URL they entered from step 1.

This email is sent automatically once the lead taps their email address from Step 1 above

Even more impressive is that we are able to automatically append the user’s submitted website URL from step 1 and automatically generate an SEO report link.

seo website audit generated report

When we look at how the actual link works we can see that it uses a shortcode at the end of the URL.

When the report is actually sent, though, the {{site_audit}} short code automatically uses the website URL from step 1 and turns the “View Report” link into something like this:

Now, anyone doing SEO for more than a day knows that the report above is pretty basic and should be used as a guideline.


Don’t forget that most businesses/people going through this process do not have even a fraction of the knowledge an SEO expert or agency has; so this website audit report serves its purpose of 2 Key things:

  1. It shows the potential client that he/she has problems with their website that are beyond their skillset.
  2. And most importantly it creates a conversation in which YOU can now give this lead more details on what areas can be improved upon.

Take a look at an overview of the entire automation sequence below.

The start of this sequence is what you already saw in Step 1 within Facebook Messenger.

The email block is the automatic website audit report that gets sent out.

The rest of the sequence is related to follow ups and qualifying the leads to see which ones are interested in hearing more about the various SEO services being offered.

The end result is a huge influx of SEO leads coming into our list on autopilot, being segmented, qualified, and followed up with before we ever have to touch a thing.

Now, I’ll be 100% transparent and tell you that we are not even close to closing all of these leads.

-Many are tire kickers or don’t have a budget or don’t want SEO, etc.

However, even with that being said, the # of new Paying clients this digital marketing agency is receiving thanks to this cross-channel automation sequence is at the point where some leads are actually being turned away now.

Here is the full video walk-through of the Website Audit Report Sequence

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