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The importance of an automated marketing system

As your business keeps growing, they are looking for ways to expand their engagement with their customers. There are many ways to work it out. In other words, you need an automated marketing service like SmartEngage. As a result, you will save money on staff while providing an excellent service.

Therefore, having an automated service provides the tools to reach your audience. For that reason, having SmartEngage, the First and Only Cross-Channel Autoresponder that will automatically link a customer’s Email with their Facebook Messenger and their Push Notifications. In other words, it allows you to send them the message they need at the time they need it on the platform they will see it.

As the name implies, an automated marketing service allows you to send newsletters, create leads and track your website users actions. Also presents various reports like open rate ratio, providing a better view of your customer’s behavior.

R2-D2 email marketing.
Having SmartEngage is like having your own R2-D2.

These are some of the benefits of SmartEngage:

Cross-Channel Marketing Automation:

The opportunity of creating an “If Situation Chart” can help you build the perfect funnel using Emails, Facebook Messenger and Push Notifications as a contact mechanism.

Import Unlimited Lists:

Indeed, some service providers take advantage and charge extra for the ability to add your subscriber’s lists from applications like MailChimp or Zapier. With SmartEngage you don’t have to pay extra and can add as many as you want to your list.

Unlimited Email Campaigns, Facebook Marketing via Chatbots and Web Push Notifications:

You are able to create and generate all the campaigns that you want to. With the ability to add images and customize your message is a fantastic form to reach your customer’s. Also, have available a tremendous gallery of templates available at your disposal.

automated marketing system
An automated marketing system is like having a staff 24/7 for you.

Cross-Channel Conversion Tracking:

Since you are able to connect through three different ways, SmartEngage provides you with the numbers of how well you are doing, and where to make improvements.

Facebook Integrations for Mobile Lead Ads:

You are able to obtain a users information such as full name and email with just one press of a button, using Facebook Messenger. Our service is able to retrieve this information quickly and safely.

Facebook Comment Autoreply Bots:

Through a comment in a Facebook post, you are able to engage with a follower through a chatbot. This is an incredible tool to create engagement.

Never Before Seen Cross-Channel Hybrid Opt-In Forms:

Since SmartEngage is the First and Only Cross-Channel Autoresponder, we are able to do amazing things integrating three forms of communications. In other words, it gives you a variety of tools to improve your business significantly.

Here is a brief introduction to SmartEngage.

It starts as a Free Service:

Want to give it a try? You can give it a try with using our free account, or a try our other editions using a 14-days free trial. In other words, you got nothing to lose.

For more information about automated marketing service, I recommend you to read 10 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign and 3 NEW Services Your Clients Can’t Resist. They are full of vast knowledge to learn with useful tips.

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Written by Mark Nieves

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