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5 New Trends in Social Media

At present, most people use social media daily basis. Furthermore, it might be for many hours that are spent looking at the screen. In fact, there are almost 3.2 billion people who have an account on a social media platform. Just like “The Matrix.”

In addition, changes occur on daily without knowing about them. As a result, we created a list of 5 new trends in social media.

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Trends in Social Media

1. Rise of Chatbots

Nowadays more people use Facebook Messenger to engage with their friends, generating trust towards using the service. Therefore, billions of messages are sent between people and business every month, increasing the use and trust of Chatbots. However, more business is catching up with the benefits of having a Chatbot service.

Services like SmartEngage, the First and Only Cross-Channel Autoresponder that will automatically link a customer’s email with their Facebook Messenger and their Push Notifications. As a result, you can send them the message they need at the time they need it on the platform they will see it.

In conclusion, bots give you that “human touch” that allows you to make the transition from Messenger into Email and Push Notifications. Therefore more sales.

Facebook Messenger details 1 billion
Over a billion messages are sent between people and business every month.

2. Growth on private groups

As more people want their content to have a more significant reach, many have considered doing changes to their accounts. In fact, some entrepreneurs are using new methods to broaden how they can contact their followers.

Consider using other ways to create content. One of these new trends is the use of Facebook Groups. There are many benefits, especially being able to participate as a business Page, updating with Stories, posting Live videos within the group.

Consequently, the infamous Facebook algorithm is not that restricted for Groups, many pages have jump entirely into it. In other words, try using more often your Groups to contact your followers.

Facebook groups with faces
Facebook Groups.

3. Changing Instagram accounts from Business to Private

The Instagram algorithm is very restricted to commercial use. In fact, many businesses are switching their accounts to private. Influencers are convinced that changing your setting will allow you to improve your reach.

Having a private account on Instagram means only people who follow you can see and share your content. For instance, if a friend drops a link to a funny meme from a private page into a group chat, only those who already follow the page will be able to see it. In other words, if they want to see the meme, they have to be part of the group.

As a result of changing their accounts, some have even reported being a part of Instagram Explore, something they never thought it could be obtainable.

Instagram private account
Setting Instagram account to private

3. Users want transparency

Lately, news about hacked accounts has always brought fear to users. Especially regarding their personal information. Subsequently, selling personal data to other companies brought discomfort to them.

As a result, users want business to divulge about what’s happening within the organization. If they made a mistake, let people know about it.

Brands are responsible for their content and are transparent just what users want them to be. In other words, use your social media channels and email broadcast to inform your followers. In conclusion, it will bring transparency to your brand.

Business transparency.
The public demand transparency from businesses.

4. Going against Social Media

In 2018 there was a boycott against Facebook and Instagram by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The cause to boycott was that research proved Facebook was used to manipulate black voters in the run-up to the 2016 election. As a result, Facebook ended up with a loss of $119 billion in Stock Market.

Also, Social Media fatigue is causing many users to close their accounts. Additionally, in some cases might be for health reasons. Other because of the time consumption.

Ad run by the NAACP to boycott Facebook.
Ad run by the NAACP to boycott Facebook.

5. Analysing dashboards is a must

Able to understand each Social Media insights are the keys to make them successful. Facebook Pages Insight is an excellent instrument to view your follower’s likes and dislikes behavior.

The analyzing of the dashboard was delegated to the Social Media Manager, a part-time employee. Now companies are investing more to learn about their customers.

social media analysis

Bonus. Stories everywhere.

Snapchat began with Stories as part of its core. Now Stories are part of most of Social Media platforms and adding new dimensions to them. Some changes included: Instagram Stories added AR filters and more interactive stickers; Facebook added Stories to personal accounts, Pages, Messenger, and Groups; WhatsApp and YouTube have Story-like features.

instagram stories with dogs, pizza and stickers.
Stories keep growing in popularity.


Social Media is always evolving and that is why we need to learn about the current trends. Remember that “Content is King” being the golden rule. In other words, always concentrate on providing great content to your followers’ needs.

content is king

Connectivity is the key to business success, and SmartEngage provides all you need to reach them. Using powerful tools and sequences allow you to reach effectively using Email, Facebook Messenger Chat Bots, and Web Push Notifications. Moreover, send the message you want to the medium they use.

For more information about chatbots, I recommend you to read 5 Tips To Create Engagement Through Chatbots and The Ugliest Truth About Facebook Messenger Chatbots. Both have useful tips.

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Written by Mark Nieves

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