SMS Text Messaging

Elevate your communication with SMS text messaging powered by Smart Engage. Seamlessly engage with your audience through personalized and effective SMS campaigns, driving better customer interaction and engagement.

SMS Free Credits Included With Your Subscription

Short Message Service (SMS) is available on the following plans:

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • High Volume

If you're the Primary Account Admin, you can purchase additional SMS sending credits for your account.

To purchase credits please visit your billing page here:

- Then click on the left navigation menu for: "SMS Sending Credits"
- Click the button for "Buy SMS Credit" and you'll see the option to enter how many credits you would like.
- The cost per credit is reduced with the more you purchase.

Before you purchase SMS credits, please note the following:

  • BASIC plans receive 100 free SMS credits per month
  • PRO plans receive 250 free SMS credits per month
  • HIGH VOLUME plans receive 500-3,000 free SMS credits per month (depending on plan level)

View a list of countries we support sending SMS messages from, along with the number of credits used per message

SMS Credit Costs per Country

here's a description for a table that outlines the cost for SMS (Short Message Service) with the assumption that countries not explicitly shown will be charged at the same rate as the United States:

Country SMS Cost MMS Cost
United States 1 2
United Kingdom 5 10
Canada 1 2
Australia 7 14
Puerto Rico 5 10
Spain 10 20
Portugal 5 10
Netherlands 11 22
Germany 10 20
Mexico 6 12
Switzerland 8 16

Adding SMS Phone Number to Avatar

1. From your main dashboard page click on your master account in the top right and then click on billing.

2. On the left navigation menu click on SMS Phone Number


a. Select Country

b. Enter area code (optional)

c. Select phone number from dropdown (you can also click to refresh the list of phone numbers)

d. Click Buy Phone Number

4. The newly added phone number will now be listed underneath your "Provisioned Phone number" section and will show as "Not yet assigned"

5. At the bottom of this page under the "Assign Phone Number to avatar" section you will select the phone number in the first dropdown and then select the avatar in the second dropdown which you wish to assign this phone number to. Click "Assign Phone Number" and now all SMS/MMS messages for that avatar will use the number you assigned.